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Phone Bill Casino Deposits are in with Roulette: Casino Games have been around for ages – in fact, it’s hard to remember a time when people didn’t enjoy playing games of chance – even in its more primitive versions! Evolving though the ages, it’s only until relatively recently that traditional casino games have transitioned onto our mobile screens.

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This was mainly because games were difficult to develop for miniature screens, especially when a lot of detail was required to fit into a small space. Play Elite Roulette with Phone Pay Billing now!


As game developers began to realise that mobile gaming has a real future, the quality of games took a gigantic leap forward resulting in the superbly crafted creations we see today. The result includes feature-rich functionality like online live casino games, Roulette deposit by phone bill, 3D Games and Interactive Slot Machines that entice gamers into a world of new possibilities and adventures on a scale never seen before.

Roulette Deposit by Phone Bill

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Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and has been around for a long time. Every time the Roulette wheel spins, it offers thrilling excitement and the chance to win big amounts in real money and jackpots. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that the option to play roulette with phone credit – which is being offered by many casino brands like Pocket Fruity real money slots that you can play using phone bill credit  and mFortune Mobile/Desktop Casino – have both been very popular ones.

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Roulette is a simple table game once you are familiar with the terminologies and the rules of the game. Unlike card games such as Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Roulette pay by phone is accessible for players with varied skills, meaning everyone has the chance to win big amounts if they know how and when to bet. Online Mobile Roulette has taken the traditional game to a whole new level with more players having access to it and relishing the chance to Roulette pay with by phone bill and play without any stress as deposit amounts start from as little as £3 and placing bets at casinos such as mFortune from just 10p.

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With the internet becoming an important part of people’s day to day lives over the last decade, everything has a presence on the World Wide Web and casinos gambling is no different. Roulette is a game that is offered by several casinos like PocketWin Online Casino, Elite Mobile Casino, mFortune, Very Vegas and many other Roulette deposit by Phone Bill sites featured on Strictly Slots. Most will offer the classic American or European Roulette varieties and understanding the key differences is quite important.

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The Basic Difference between American and European Roulette


The two main types of online Roulette which most online gambling clubs offer are American and European Roulette – with each differing from the other in certain aspects: The European Roulette table has a wheel and 37 slots for the ball to land with the slots being numbered from 0 to 36. Each number is either red or black with the number 0 being the sole one in green.

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The American version on the other hand has a Roulette wheel divided into 38 sots with an extra slot with the number 00 which is also of green colour. This means that European Roulette offers a better chance of winning than the American version. The European version also offers players better odds with a house edge of just 2.7% compared to the 5% of the American Roulette version.

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Players looking for added thrills or new experiences will enjoy discovering other options available: Some new variants of Roulette that are possible only on online casinos are multi wheel Roulette which allows players to make bets and spin multiple wheels on a single table which increases their chances of winning significantly. Although TopSlotSite is live a waiting, they have yet to launch their phone bill Roulette features: that said,  their range of Roulette games is massive and impressive, plus you can still pay by phone – using all major e-wallets and credit/debit cards and get up to £100 cash match welcome bonus on first deposit!

  • Online & Mobile French Roulette
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette
  • Premier Roulette: Diamond Edition
  • European Roulette: Gold Series
  • Multi-Player Roulette
  • iPhone, Android and Desktop Live Casino Roulette
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Roulette Pay by Phone Real Money Bets and Payout Ratios:

The Bet and Payout are two entities that are inseparable when it comes to Roulette whether you are playing online or live, via cash or mobile Roulette deposit by phone bill. The layout of a table can be quite complicated but once you understand it, it’s very easy to navigate and play. Players can place number bets which can be even or odd as well as can bet on the colour. Players can also bet on group of numbers. The vast amount of options at a player’s disposal regarding bets is what makes Roulette such a fascinating game.

PocketWin Roulette Play by Phone Bill

  • PocketWin’s Play with mobile credit Roulette: The classic game with numbers ranging from 0-36. Players have a wide selection of betting opportunities and only have to skate their deposit bonus and Roulette SMS credit once before requesting a withdrawal

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  • Moobile Games Roulette guarantees players an amazing experience as their games have been enhanced to improve playability. Minimum spend to play Roulette deposit by phone bill credit is just £3 so everyone can afford to spin the wheel for a chance to win big

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  • mFortune Roulette pay by phone bets are just 10p. Deposit using phone credit and receive a further 100% deposit bonus, so players depositing the maximum £30 mobile credit amount will have a total of £60 to spin the wheel which and change their fortunes for the better!

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  • Fancy experiencing the thrills of Roulette HD and seeing how it compares to American Roulette? Check out Fruity King and even though mobile Roulette pay by phone bill hasn’t been activated yet, you can still get a £5 no deposit bonus and explore the benefits of both games for free.

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Payouts are directly dependent on the type of bet with betting for a single number generally giving the highest payout equal to roughly 35 x the bet amount. But the odds of winning this way are quite low. If you choose to play the game using Roulette deposit by phone bill then you can take a chance with small value payouts by playing for bets with lower payouts. Players can bet on colours as well as even or odd numbers which have offer high odds of winning. Whatever the size of the bet is, when the wheel starts to spin there is always excitement on offer for everybody involved in the game.

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Top Tips for Serious Phone Bill Roulette Players:

The most common bets – regardless of whether or not players are using Roulette SMS credit – to make are on chip colour, or even/odd bets which have a 1:1 payout ratio. They have 18 numbers each and offer the best possible chance to double your money.

Low or High:

These are also bet which have a 1:1 payout ratio and are divided into blocks of 18 numbers each with low ranging from 1 to 18 and high going from 19 to 36.

Another betting option is Dozen or Column, where the numbers are divided in three groups of 12 numbers each which offer higher payout of 2:1 but have lower probabilities of occurring.

Six Line bet or Double Street bet:

This betting option is available on most of the online casinos but is sometimes neglected by novice players. This allows players to bet on 6 numbers at a time and offers a payout ratio of 5:1 which is significantly high which means the chances of occurring are lower too.

Corner Bet or Square Bet or 4 numbers:

This option allows you to bet on four adjoining numbers at a time. The payout is in the ratio 8:1 which is quite tempting but has a lower probability of happening.

Street Bet or Line Bet or 3 numbers:

If you are serious about winning a big amount on the table and are playing by Roulette sms credit which kind of keeps a tab on your spending, then you can also try out a Street bet which allows the bet to be placed on numbers on the edge of a single row. Payout is in the ratio of 11:1 and the probability of occurring is 8.11% for the European version.

Two number bets or Split Bets:

The odds are now quite high with a payout of 17:1 with this option allowing you to bet on two adjacent numbers on the table. This offers the second highest payout option that is available in the game.

Straight Bet or single number:

The payout is of the ratio 35:1 and the probability is also extremely low but the amount you receive on winning is quite high for you to consider making a bet like this once or twice but with a small amount which is easier with phone bill Roulette gameplay.


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Two rules which might affect the payout:

The house edge of a casino can vary depending on which rule, Imprisonment or La Partage, is applied. The imprisonment rule states that a player’s even money bet can be imprisoned if the ball happens to land on zero. The player may claim half the amount or choose to imprison it. If the player wins on the next spin, the entire imprisoned amount is returned or else the entire amount is forfeited.

The La Partage rule simply gives the player half the amount back if the ball lands on zero.


Tips for Players Looking to WIN with Roulette Pay with Phone Bill Online:

Today most of the famous online casinos like, Winneroo Games as well as mFortune and PocketWin offer the chance to play Roulette online with the option of Roulette pay with phone bill too. Useful tips that might increase your chances of winning that elusive big jackpot which you might have been eyeing for quite a while include:

Winneroo Mobile Casino

Play the Outside:

Players tend to get carried away and start betting on single numbers which leads to losses. The better option is to preserve your bankroll and go for the Outside which gives you a higher chance of winning with colour bets and even odd bets having a higher probability.

On the other hand, some online casinos penalise players who play outside bets too heavily, so reading the wagering requirements under the terms & conditions is crucial. Even when gamers are only playing with small Roulette deposit by phone bill amounts, not adhering to rules that a specific casino has can result in a cancelled bet.

Very Vegas Online Casino Games Roulette

Placing Bets on several numbers on Inside:

A smart strategy while playing with Roulette sms credit and other means payment methods is to place bets on multiple numbers which lie in close proximity on the table. This increases your winning odds although the payouts are lower.

At Elite Mobile Casino, inside bets reduce play through at a ratio of 10:1. So for every £1 wagered, play through is reduced by 10p, with the maximum reduction in play through for a single spin at £10 when playing with bonus funds.


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Follow a Strategy:

One thing that you should always follow is a proper strategy that works for you more often than not. You can either choose one in which players tend to double their bet on loosing and halving on winning or vice versa or you may go with one of your own.

mFortune encourages players to experiment with different Roulette strategies, and their wagering requirements are less austere than at other casinos.

Play Roulette Online Free - mFortune Online Casino

Multi- Player Roulette:

Sometimes you can learn a lot if you are playing on the same table with other players where you get to observe their moves and how they tackle situations which can be quite an interesting and helpful experience.

Pocket Fruity members who play Roulette with phone credit will love the enhanced features present in the game. For example, simply hovering over a chip amount will enable players to view the expected return amount.


Finding Your ‘Best-Fit’ Roulette Casino

If you are trying out Roulette online then you’re always better off with reputable ones which offer better features and enhanced gameplay. They should have payment options like Roulette deposit by phone bill as well as the standard credit/debit card and eWallet Options. Better still, reputable casinos – such as all on the ones featured on Strictly Slots – will be licensed and regulated by a gaming commission in the country where they reside, so verification is easy to complete.


Online Casino RegulationsOnline Roulette deposit by phone bill casinos available on mobile platforms  offer great graphics as well as security along with payment options like play Roulette with phone credit and Roulette sms credit. Further, they will offer players clear and concise rules on how to play, they types of bet available, how to access the mobile Roulette no-Deposit Bonus, and loads of key insights. Check out Winneroo Games Roulette page and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

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